Challenging our own self

Some days I feel like we are like wine. We might feel a touch of love or a touch of sassiness. We might also feel like we have turned into vinegar, sour and resentful when we are being pushed too far. Learning to stay grounded in times of chaos.

Not giving up on our dreams, keeping our eye on the prize that is our goal. We might feel we are in the middle of the chaos. We are all in a world of chaos where changes are inevitable. Becoming flexible is part of the learning curve.

As we are walking on our own path, we need to keep reminding ourselves to keep our imagination strong and going. What helps us to change our outer condition is our imagination. If we are spending our time in fear land, we are not going to change our lives for the better.

Instead we are going to materialize our own nightmare or fears. By giving us the opportunity to utilize our own imagination we are altering our path. Becoming the trailblazer, setting ourselves free of the past that has long gone.

If we are willing to stop our old patterns, we can become a new us, a new you. Expanding our horizon by living our life to the fullest. Not willing to let anyone rain on our parade. We are destined to do great things in your life.

So ground yourself, let the universe into your life and open your arms to receive the bounty that is coming to you. We are living a life of constant changes; it might feel like some days we would rather stay in bed than get going.

During those challenging times we need to speak with the universe to get the help and support we need to archive our goals.