Surrender to our imagination

Creating our own family is welcoming people in our lives that are part of our own life. People that will support us along the journey. Living a life to the fullest is to keep pushing ourselves on our path to self-realization.

Opening our heart to let our spirit become the leader in our lives. Open to receive the magic of the universe in our lives. Being willing to let the universe in our lives, learning to co-create.

When we are living our life to the fullest, we are taking a leap of faith. Staying focused on our own dreams seeing ourselves already having it. Being joyful and humbled to see our life has changed for the better.

Those energies are projected to the universe. So why should we project fears when we can project love, success, health and wealth? Why should we let our fears guide our lives? Why should we still be focusing on limitations when we can easily imagine we are limitless?

We cannot answer all those questions if we are not ready to jump into the unknown to discover the better part of us. Having the opportunity to transform our lives for the better.

Even though we might feel like we are being challenged by the life we are living. By keeping our focus on our happy ending we can only unlock the mystery of the universe. Creating the magic we need in our lives to change it for the better.

It takes courage and determination to continue on our own path. Driven by an open heart listening to our spirit. The universe will guide us in perfect ways of synchronicity.

Let’s start today by letting our imagination run free. Walking with the support of the universe on our journey. Surrender the worries and fears to let a place of love and passion into our lives.

We can do so much more when we are grounded and open.