Our privacy

As I was taking the pups for their afternoon walk, I was revisiting what had happened earlier. Realizing that people do not have a concept of boundaries. Respecting each other’s privacy especially when we are always bombarded by everyone sharing their own lives.

But when someone else decides to share your own life, this is when the line is crossed. Minding our own business helps us to learn to be respectful of everyone’s space. There is no need to gossip about someone’s trials and tribulations.

Neither should we feel we are the center of attention when we are spilling the beans to the delight of others. We are all entitled to our own private life, how we share it should be up to us not someone who thinks they are doing a public services or needing to tell the latest story to feel them seem relevant.

Again, the universe watches everything so karma will sooner or later be coming to collect for those indiscretions. Privacy has become a privilege with a world that is subjected to so much scrutiny. We can continue to be part of the problem by ignoring everyone’s privacy.

Or should we become part of the solution by standing by our friends and family while respecting their privacy? When you live your life through your ego you will not care about who you are going to gossip about.

When you are living with your spirit you are leading with your heart you are not interested on becoming the center of attention instead with a compassionate heart you are becoming an observer in someone else’s life. Respecting their privacy and be mindful of others.

As we are moving in our lives, we need to remind ourselves to ensure we are minding our own business by respecting one another.