Being responsible in this time of needs

With the way we are living right now a lot of people are still not wanting to adapt to it. By refusing to comply for everyone’s safety they are becoming part of the problem.

We have the capability of helping one another. What is currently happening in the world is not a joke but a life-threatening situation. We do not know yet how to stop it, but we need to take all the precautions we can to do our part.

Too many people have been ignoring thinking this will not happened to them. But in reality, they are exposing themselves and family to it. We must act responsibly, to help all of us.

When we are stricken by tragedy that might have been avoided, we are living with the burden of the consequences of our actions. We are all in this together and we must stand to protect ourselves.

The world we are living in currently is changing at a rapid pace. We have to be responsible of our own actions. If for a moment we can all work together we can overcome this pandemic.

But again, when people are acting up by enticing others to break the rules it is exposing us to more harm than good. We have to accept the fact our lives and the way we are living has changed.

We cannot go backwards to the way it was we have to move forward and continue to adapt to changes we are all experiencing. With new technology we are able to connect with others. Continue to work remotely gathering in small group is the new way of life until a cure is found.

Keeping all of us safe is essential. Being. patient with what we are going through and learning to change our patterns in time of need.