Forgiving ourselves

Time will heal the wounds is an interesting say. Especially when people hold grudges and resentment in their heart. Refusing to let it go, instead continuing to infuse negativity into their body, mind and soul. Destroying themselves one resentment at a time.

Rehashing the past all over again… becoming blindsided with the ghost of the past. It is not easy to face adversity in our life, but we have to learn to let it go. If we don’t it will alter our path like a silent enemy interfering with our dreams and hope.

When we decide to heal our wounds, it is accepting what has happened. Letting it go is to take every single piece of ourselves back to become whole again. Letting our emotions out so we can finally release the past to welcome the future.

When we are whole again, we can finally move forward to our next experience. It takes time and compassion for our own self. Connecting with the universe to receive the unconditional love we need to finally heal us.

As we are walking through our lives, we can feel our emotions being raw. Going through the storms of our lives will make us reassess where we are. Making us revisit unfinished situations that need our attention.

We cannot take the past with us, we have to learn to let it go even if it takes years to do that. Understanding living with the ghost of the past will not help us to fulfill our life purpose. We do not need to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Becoming the better part of us is to be able to let the universe aka Karma deal with past situations.  We do not have to harbor revenge on people, instead learning to leave it to the universe.