Letting our inspiration guiding us

The pressure of the world on our shoulders on a daily basis can take its toll on us. Living in the middle of the chaos that is our world we have to learn to not take everything personally.

This is one big challenge learning to become an observer in our own lives. Feeling the world of the illusion nagging at us. It takes nerves of steel to not flinch or even lose it.

We have to stay grounded and whole, reminding ourselves we are students of life. Being open to learn our life lessons, not giving up on our dreams but adjusting to the ever-changing world we are living in.

When we are open to hop on the flow of the universe, we are catching the break we need to move forward. Living a life of a thousand is learning to transform ourselves.

Changing and evolving is part of our voyage, like the explorer ready to embark on their new adventures. We should take a page from the explorers and adapt to our own needs.

When we are ready to go into the unknown, to chase our dreams, we are letting the trailblazer in us guiding our journey of transformation. As we are moving toward our goals, we have the opportunity to become the better part of us.

Uncovering who we truly are, what we are able to do and overcome. The most amazing legacy we can leave for our children is to show them we are resourceful; we are the shakers and movers.

Becoming the inspiration that will lead us to change our lives for the better. We are the alchemist that will transform our outer condition. Making our dreams come true, being open to let the universe and perfect synchronicity into our life.

We have what it takes to overcome what is coming into our lives.