In time of changes

When we are feeling our life is a tsunami everything is coming at us at once, it is beyond overwhelming. We can numb ourselves into disbelief and say this is not happening. While trying to comprehend what has just happened one can feel defeated to see our life upside down again.

It is not an easy journey we are embarking on, but it is ours. Learning to make the best out of it becomes a work for a titan. Keeping grace and aplomb by letting our spirit warrior in the driver seat. Nothing ever stays the same, but we have to learn to reach deep inside of us to overcome what we have in front of us.

Keeping ourselves focus on the next step, weighing out our options but also asking the universe for support along the way. It is not easy to be us but we can lean on the support from the universe to gain the help we need.

In times of darkness we keep our faith and open our heart to stay connected with the universe. Often, we might feel the entire world is against us but in fact it is our life lesson and also the changes that need to happen for us to be on the right track.

Navigating the rapids of the rivers that is our lives, we need to keep steering the best we can. Keeping the faith that we can overcome the obstacles in front of us. Focusing on seeing the happy ending and staying strong.

In times of uncertainty we still can lean on our circle of light for support and encouragement. We do not have to do it alone even if this is our own path. The life that is beyond the challenges we are currently facing is worth fighting for.