A journey of transformation

Helping to understand the road we are taking doesn’t mean we have all of the cards in our hand. As we are becoming the trailblazers walking into the unknown to reach our goals It can be like wearing a blindfold at times. We know what the destination is but how to get there is a different story.

We are not in control of our outer condition. As much as we might want to believe we are, it would be foolish to spend our lives trying to master it. Instead we have to learn to become one with the universe.

Knowing that we need help on our path to lift our spirit and guide us forward. We never know what is around the corner but when we continue to mind our own business, we can easily reach the path we need to be walking on.

As we faced with our own challenges, we need to remind ourselves to stay grounded and whole. As the storms of our life are hitting us, we have to learn to navigate them and let go of what is not for our highest good.

It might be a long road we have to walk on, but it doesn’t mean we have to give up. Perseverance and focus are the key to continue to make a step forward. Temptation from the ego world surround us and we might want to enjoy it but it doesn’t fulfill us.  The emptiness in our heart comes from the lack of connection with the universe.

Our journey is a journey of transformation and transmutation. A journey of joy and love, a journey of pain and sorrow. But a journey of a thousand live, it is the greatest learning moment.

Keeping ourselves grounded, asking the universe for help. Becoming the better part of ourselves. Our journey of transformation is our life of a thousand.