Becoming our own spirit Part 3

Life will be so much more fun if we did not have to be an adult but stayed a kid forever. Living in a fantasy world filled with love, joy, and laughter. Jumping into a pool filled with soft balls. Seeing rainbows and clouds, enjoying a buffet full of candies and ice cream.

Laying down in the grass while watching the clouds dancing in the sky. Closing our eyes and feeling the colors feeding our imagination. We have so much more fun when we are living our own dream life, our own fantasy world.

In order to be able to accomplish what we would like in our lives we have to face our own challenges. Living a life of a thousand is coming to our own senses that nothing is truly impossible if we put our heart and soul into it.

Becoming the better part of us while going through the changes that Are necessary for our lives to improve. It is already a wild ride but when you add what is going on in our outer condition, we can feel like we have to climb Mount Everest just to maintain normalcy.

To be able to smooth our path we need to use our own imagination. Learning to co-create with the universe. Not letting anyone rain on our parade but becoming the trailblazer.

Living in a world that is ever changing adapting to the what we have to overcome while keeping an open mind and heart. We can feel we are vulnerable to everything coming our way.

Feeling trapped in a ride we do not want to be in. But as we are learning to adjust to the “aleas de la vie” we are becoming more flexible in our path. Adjusting ourselves to catch the flow that will help us on the next leg of our journey.