Setting our own path

Getting our imagination guide us to the next experience we would like to enjoy. Keeping the fire in us burning strongly to continue to guide us in our journey. We must understand nothing will be given to us on a silver platter.

That said, we should not feel like the world is against us. Understanding our road will be more challenging than others. Keeping our minds and thoughts focused on our goals only. When we stop looking at the path of others, we can finally learn to mind our own business.

We have to become accountable for our own lives not trying to deflect the wrong decisions we have made to others. Even if we have taken that advice that led us on the wrong path, learn to let go of the anger and see it as a life lesson.

It might take some time to heal after being betrayed by someone, but we can learn to overcome it by focusing that anger into a positive outcome. When we learn to transmute our energies to become positive, we are shifting our outer condition.

Learning to be at peace with our own self and the world might take a lifetime but it is worth it. Learning to become whole again and keep our eyes wide open when we are on our path. Listening to advice can help us on our way, but again we have to listen to our spirit.

Our spirit will guide us to safety and will empower us to lean on the universe to co-create. Believing in our own self even if we are faced with new trials, we can, if we remain calm and focus to overcome them. We have a bright future if we continue to dream big.

Not letting anything or anyone rain on our parade! We are the trailblazers that are setting our own course, our own path.