Living our own lives

Why should we follow trends that are not for our highest good? Why should we feel compelled to become who we are not? Why when we are pushed to do things that if we do not agree by the status quo, if we do not comply, we are being cast out? Why should we pretend to like something we do not?

In this time and edge, we should not feel compelled to become a lamb. Not agreeing with someone doesn’t mean we are against everything. We need to remind ourselves that we all have different perspectives.

Acknowledging it means we are willing to hear what others are thinking. It does not mean we need to engage in a screaming match but instead stating we can agree to disagree.

The biggest challenge is to learn to respect one another. There are some days I understand where everything and everyone is coming from and some days it is confusing.

Feeling the chaos of the illusional world of the ego is just adding more confusion to a world that is already difficult to navigate. Feeling we are being pushed into the rapids of the raging rivers which is not our true life. We need the courage to make a stand and say “stop” I will maintain and live my own life not what you demand of me.

We need to redefine who we truly are it is important to stay grounded. Keeping our cool under pressure, finding the silver lining that will help us to get passed the madness we are in.

When we are open to making the right changes in our patterns, we are welcoming new energy into our life. Ready to embrace our own silliness to welcome the path of the unknown to open up a new flow.

Riding the wave of our life is to welcome the universe into our life. Being open to change our life by embracing our spirit. Letting the universe guide us during times of uncertainty.

Focusing own our bold dreams and be ready to walk on our holy ground.