Riding the weave

Feeling the turmoil of the storm I have to stand still until it passes. Patience is one challenging virtue that is a constant reminder we are students of life. It is amazing and unnerving to be dealing with it. But it comes when you are shifting your life.

In order to course correct our path, riding the raging river that is our lives give us the opportunity to go to the next level in our journey. It is in those unpleasant moments we are learning to stay connected with the universe.

Becoming the magician is communicating with the universe by opening our heart. Letting our spirit become stronger and stronger. Not worrying about our outer condition but staying focused on our dreams.

Becoming the trailblazer in our own life is being able to cope with all the changes we need to make. It is not easy to become the master of our own destiny but through those challenges we are learning to unveil the better part of us.

Learning to feel our emotions while staying grounded, we can at times feel like we are all alone. When we are moving into the unknown, we can still learn to transform ourselves.

Believing in our dreams, in our own path. Learning to lean on the universe to guide us to safely achieve our goals. It is amazing to see perfect synchronicity at work, and how much it helps us to reach our dreams.

We might want to do it all on our own but why do that when we can have the full support of the universe? Why should we continue to struggle when we can ease our path by going in partnership with the divine?

It is a lot to take on when we are willing to change our lives for the better. Becoming who we are meant to become should be done by co-creating with the universe.