Keeping our imagination going

Our inspiration is like a plant we need to nurture and let it grow by focusing on our own business. If we are not attending to our own garden, then weeds will grow.

It is when we are present in our lives, we learn to let our spirit guide us in our journey. We have so much more to learn and discover when we are becoming a trailblazer.

We can course correct our path; we can move pass all the obstacles we have to overcome. One of the biggest learning curves is to mind our own business. Most people do not understand that they need to be an observer in someone else’s life.

We have to learn to let others walk at their own pace. We cannot resolve everyone’s problem. We have to let everyone walk on their own path. Often, we think by helping them or giving them advice, we are doing what is right. But in some cases, letting them make their own mistake is for them to learn their own life lessons.

Understanding that not everyone will be listening to the wisdom of the universe and this is because of our free will. We do have our own free will to select the path we want to walk on. It can also be corrected when we realize we have not chosen the right path.

When we are open to listen to our spirit, we are becoming the most powerful spirit. Being fully connected with the universe. Willing to let our past go and walk into the flow of the universe.

Having faith of a better tomorrow, keeping the fire in us burning strongly. Life has so much more to offer when we are ready to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

We are the master of our own destiny, learning to keep our energy elevated.