Listening to our spirit

Believing in ourselves can be difficult when you are being challenged by the people that surround you. It might be an uphill battle to overcome what others are trying to impose on you. From the wrong advice on your love life to the expectation parents have for your future.

Often people are not seeing your true spirit, seeing your beautiful gifts because they are more inclined to set up unrealistic expectation on you to fulfill their own dreams. By transferring what they could not archive they are pushing others to become who they are not supposed to become.

We have a challenging path if we are trying to please our own parents while dreaming of doing something different than the path, they are trying to walk you on. You might feel the pressure if you are not doing what they want, they are going to be disappointed.

Which in one way is correct but on the other end you have to be honest with your own self. Listening to your own spirit guiding you on your journey is an amazing road you are willing to start to walk on. It is not easy to feel like we are disappointing people when we are trying to live up to their expectation.

But we need to understand this is our life not their life, when you are deciding what you would like to do. It is when you are becoming a trailblazer, waking up the dormant magician within you. Like a flower just opening up its beautiful petals to let its core show itself. You are going to become the beautiful light that is going to shine brightly.

You are going to be happy and whole, feeling a sense of purpose in your life. Not becoming a shadow of your own self. We have so much more to do when we are willing to listen to our spirit.