Living our lives to the fullest part 2

Feeling we are over our head when it comes to our path or life purpose can be challenging. Being open to listen to our spirit when we have no idea where we are going can be worrisome. But when we believe in our heart it is the right path, we must follow it.

Going into the unknown can be challenging when some of us are used to controlling every single aspect of their life. Laying a plan on how their life is going to unfold, you would be surprised how many detours someone can take when you are going into the unknown.

Trying to find our bearings in the middle of the chaos is challenging enough. But when you are willing to change your old patterns and start to open your spirit to find the hidden skills that will help you to go through the changes you need. Life is going to change for the better, nothing is more powerful than learning who we truly are.

In times of challenges this is when we are becoming the most powerful spirit. As we are moving in our lives facing the lessons, we must learn helps us to grow. Becoming the beautiful light, we are meant to become.

We have to face, in our life, so many storms, only our spirit can help us to reach safety. At times we can lose our own objectivity when we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by our outer conditions. Coping with stress is challenging enough, learning to stay grounding becomes the challenge of our life.

Having a healthy mind, body and spirit is learning to be gentle with our own self. Living a life of a thousand is teaching our own self to be who we truly are. Learning to love our own self and accept what happened to us in the past is not what should define who we truly are. By letting go of past experiences we can finally start to live our life to the fullest. Also, we can start the healing process to finally be whole again.