The world is changing

Feeling rested in the world that is constantly moving and changing. Being pulled in many directions at once feels like being dropped 50 feet from a building. It is amazing how our body is resilient, always trying to balance it. Our life, as a student of life, is to learn to navigate the raging river that is our lives.

Learning to feel whole and grounded while our lives are being turned upside down. Understanding we cannot control our outer conditions. Instead we can shift our lives by starting to be present then reclaiming what is ours.

As we are moving forward in this chaotic year, we do not know what is coming next. From a pandemic to another crisis of some kind ready to poke its nose right around the corner. It has been a wild ride.

Not the best kind but we have to learn to manage our lives no matter what. These are the kind of crash courses we all are in for. We might feel we are not prepared but in challenging times our spirit can guide us to move forward safely.

During this time of uncertainty, the road we are on can be bumpy but when we keep focused on our dreams, we are able to shift our outer condition. Regardless what we are currently experiencing, there is always a way out.

Reaching to the universe for help guides us to ease that road. We are not alone in our journey even if we feel like we are. It is because our ego is trying to distract us. We are the magicians of the world the alchemist who can transform our lives when we are open to let our imagination free.

Becoming the dreamers that are not afraid to dream big and bold. We are here to experience life to the fullest why not start today?