Our beautiful self

Being strong and independent comes from our own spirit. Guiding us along our lives during the good times and bad times. Taking the time to be happy and joyful as we are moving forward. Trying to reach the sky and kiss it.

Your life will change for the better when you are in the driver’s seat. Nothing can change if you are not willing to revisit old situations but also doing a full inventory of your own life. Asking the right questions and being honest with your own self.

If you are not on the right path it might be time to start to think what you would like to do. Are you willing to stay on the path that does not resonate with you? Or are you willing to go into the unknown following your dreams?

Listening to your spirit, following the guidance of the universe, leaning on the universe to pave your way. Living a life of thousands is discovering who we truly are. We are faced with our own storms that need to be overcome for us to move to the next level.

Living in the present moment helps us to co-create a better life, a better experience. We do not have to stay where we are if we are not happy or feeling deep in our heart it is not for our highest good. Overcoming the challenges we are facing when we are finally course correcting our lives will bring us the happiness we so rightly deserve.

It is a wonderful journey we have ahead of us, paved with pleasant and unpleasant events that will shape our beautiful spirit. Pushing us beyond the limits our ego sets, feeling the energy of freedom and accomplishment.

Our emancipation from the ego world to finally becoming who we are meant to be is a long journey full of twists and changes that prepare us to become the rising phoenix shining our light brightly.