Becoming Whole again

Patience is an art that sometimes feels more like a challenge than anything else. When you have children that are running around like mad or my pups who would rather go for a sprint when they are on medical watch. It can feel like we are living in a zoo.

Feeling we are living in a fishbowl we would be more than happy to give it up for a wonderful month on a paradise island where all our needs are met!

So, we have to learn to make do by centering ourselves. Learning to take a breather when things are heating up and going in the wrong direction. Instead of losing our peace to become the worst side of us, learn to go with the flow in the world that is ever changing.

Becoming whole again by minding our own business. We can do so much more by creating our next experience. Working with the universe can help us archive our own dreams and peace of mind.

Living in the world that is run by chaos can be overwhelming. What helps us to stay grounded is to stay in the present not trying to project ourselves in the future. When you are present you are able to assess what changes need to be done in order for us to move to the next level.

When the course we are on is not for our highest good we can always, at any given time, reassess where we are. We do not need to think it is too late to course correct our journey. We are able to create miracles when we are open to change our patterns.

Nothing is impossible when keeping your eyes on your dreams and let the universe help you by perfect synchronicity. Having faith in the process by going with the flow and believing in your spirit.