Following our dreams

Finding the wonders of the world at my doorstep can become an adventure of a lifetime. Learning to co-create with the universe by creating a vision board. Learning to be playful by daydreaming about what we would like to experience next.

Letting our heart open wide so our spirit can guide us. Sending positive energies into the world so the universe can materialize what we are wishing for. Not letting the world of the ego into our own lives. But instead creating that beautiful aura of love around us.

Letting our dreams take over our thoughts so we can continue to attract the flow that will lead them to fruition.  When we are starting to dream, we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities.

This is the key for us to archive our wildest dream. We do not have to be in the world that is not fulfilling us. Instead we should be able to create a world we would love to be living in.

Our challenge is to learn to open our heart, letting our spirit free to be able to create our next experience. Counting on the support of the universe is unleashing the power of co-creating.

How often have we struggled when we were faced with obstacles? Thinking we are all alone. Instead we should have been “talking” with the universe for the support we need.

You would be surprised when you start to do that how much your life will change. I am speaking with the universe every day. In times of peace or tribulation I am always connected with them.

We are never alone in the world but often when we are closing our hearts and becoming a recluse, we can feel the walls are closing in on us. Learning to stay grounded and connected with our circle of life will help us.