Stay grounded in our lives

We might feel like everything comes at once when things start to go wrong. We need to learn to take a breather when this is happening. The hick ups in our path are just to revisit past situations that need to be addressed.

It can also lead to changes we need to see happening in our lives for the better. In times of chaos we are learning to count on our spirit and the support of the universe to help us. We might be feeling overwhelmed by all the chaos in the world. but we can learn to cope one step at a time.

We have to learn to stay grounded, living with the feeling we are in over our head with the situation and just learn to take one step at a time. We do not need to accomplish everything at once. Sometimes we need to be supported along our journey to find the right person to help us.

Having faith in the support of the universe is essential for our peace of mind. By learning to use our minds in time of need we can project a happy ending with the situations we are in. Finding the inspiration to push ourselves beyond our own limits.

Keeping our mind on our own garden, cultivating our own dreams. Staying focused and grounded helps us to move to the next level.

We are all beautiful spirits capable of creating magic in our own world. Breaking the ceiling wall of illusion that constraints us. Instead we can expand our wings and create the next experience we always wanted.

Learning to be patient as the seeds we have planted in our field of dreams are slowly growing and blooming. Ready to harvest when the time is right. We need to keep on dreaming and living our lives to the fullest.