Being inspired part 2

Keeping our dreams growing by going into uncharted territory. Opening our hearts to let our spirit guiding us in our journey. Learning to connect with the universe by co-creating.

Listening to the guidance the universe and our spirit has to share. Willing to make the bold moves in our lives to finally reach our holy ground.

On our path we have to be open to receive the bounties the universe has in reserve for us. We should not be shy or afraid of what is being offered to us. Always assessing if this is for our highest good.

Ensuring we are in the pursuit of our life purpose we need to be willing to take unexpected turns to learn new skills. Setbacks are not failures, but they are teaching us to keep our eyes open so we can see which doors of opportunity open and which ones are not.

When you are living an authentic life, you are willing to look at all aspects of your life. Giving an honest feedback to yourself that will help us to course correct our journey.

Nothing is more important than living our lives to the fullest. Being willing to go into uncharted territory to open our heart and let our spirit guide us. Life is challenging enough; we do not need to add more obstacles by letting our ego live our lives.

Instead when we are willing to become the better part of us, we are letting our spirit free. Rising like the phoenix into the night sky shining brightly. We can guide others by inspiring them to become their own spirit.

As we are moving in our lives we have so much more to offer when we are willing to open our heart, letting the connection with the universe pave the way. We have so many possibilities….. the sky is the limit.