Staying calm

Being challenged by every day chaos can be unnerving when its starts right after you get up. Thinking this is going to be one of those days. Not being happy with what is unfolding, controlling our emotions is challenging but we have to learn to defuse the negative energy inside of us.

This is why we need to be aware of our triggers and not fall into the same trap again. Most people live with their emotions right at the surface which makes it difficult and volatile. We need to learn to step back even if it’s hard at times to not want to implode full of anger or launch at someone when we feel someone has disrespected us.

It is hard to not want to retaliate when those kinds of situations arise. Learning to deal with the part of ourselves that is destructive. Learning to live in peace and equilibrium is defying the pressures of the ego world.

Learning to live in harmony with our spirit in a world of chaos is a journey of a lifetime. Being able to understand our emotions before we create our own drama. Channeling the way, we would love to feel by transmuting the negative energies into positive ones.

We have to learn how to react so we can learn to focus our energy of what is for our highest good. Often, we are feeling that life is unfair from losing our jobs to a mate or feeling humiliated by a boss that takes sadistic pleasure to always pick on you and your job.

It might become daunting to go to work knowing he/she is always watching every single move you are making. In this kind of situation, we can lose it at home because we take the pressure of that person with us. Or one day the pressure on us is so great at work,  but we have to keep the lid locked on our emotions and to stay calm  or we will crack and, in an instant, will have a meltdown.

Learning to stay calm and collected in our lives is challenging enough. But we really really need to learn when the signs of stress, frustration and anger are present to step back so we can defuse those energies.