Learning to cultivate peace

Feeling the love in the universe upon us is a wonderful feeling that we can have. Learning to stay in a state of peace and love is feeling we are walking on clouds.

Being inspired every day is challenging enough when we feel we have not found the flow that will help us to move forward. We can feel frustrated by situations that are still coming back again and again.

How do we deal with all of that? How do we get past the fact that sometimes situations are not working as they should?  How do we keep the peace in our heart?

By facing our storms, we have to learn to control our emotions, not letting the ego take over to destroy everything on its path. How often have you lost your temper to your mate because you have had a bad day?

How often have you felt the walls were closing in on you and during those times you felt you would retaliate against anyone that would approach you? It is difficult in times of stress to stay grounded.

This is why it is so important to go outside to get fresh air. Not closing ourselves in at home adding more isolation into our lives.

Becoming the better part of us is to assess where we are every day. Asking our higher self what kind of feelings do we have? Learning to recognize the signs when we are starting to be angry and frustrated.

To stop ourselves in our tracks by infusing positive thoughts into our mind. When you are starting to do that you are defusing the negative energy and letting peace come into your life.

Avoiding dealing with the fall down of an aftermath of burst of negative energy. We need to remind ourselves whatever energy we are sending into the world will come back to us.

It is wiser to keep our energies positive than go into the rabbit hole of negativity.