Inspire each others

Having to make choices in our lives that will impact us and our loved ones is not easy. When we do not know what tomorrow will bring, we have to keep faith everything will turn out alright.

Learning to navigate the raging river that is our lives. Empowering each other for a better day. Keeping faith in our hearts, being challenged by our outer conditions. Learning to go with the flow by creating our own opportunities.

From a job to finding the right mate, we have endless possibilities. Nothing is more important than learning to connect with each other. Learning to co-create with the universe.

Having a partnership that will last a lifetime, being open to be supported on our journey. We have so much more to do when we are willing to take a leap of faith in our lives.

Letting the magic of the universe in our lives, being guided by our own spirit. When we are willing to learn the secret of our spirit, rising above everything. It takes a lot of courage to live an authentic life, but at the same time it is worth it.

Being open to letting our true color shine no matter what our outer conditions are. We have to learn to navigate the raging river that is our lives.

We are the precious light that will light the inspiration in others to be inspired. Learning to create a better world for everyone. As we are changing and evolving, we are learning to become our true self.

We are becoming unsinkable learning to set the spirit in our own heart to overcome what we have to face. Becoming the changes the world needs in time of uncertainty.

Opening our heart to let love conquer our fear of the unknown. Becoming the most beautiful loving spirit we can be.