Opening ourselves to the world

Open our hearts to become our own spirit. Discovering the better part of our own self. Learning to be gentle to our own self while we are walking through the storms of our lives.

Being humbled with our own self requires us to assess where we are. We are not our outer condition we are our spirit. Living life to the fullest is being authentic and open to changes.

When we are on the self-discovery of our own lives, it takes a lot of courage to move forward on that journey. Facing storm after storm, keeping focused on moving forward while our ego is screaming to go backward.

As we learn to lean on our spirit, we can find the strength to keep on the course we are set to go on. It is rewarding to go through our trials and tribulations. It is amazing to see how much we can grow.

Learning we are free when we are walking into uncharted territory. How it is unsettling to do that. We have the understanding we can steer our lives into the right path.

We are the wonders of the world; we are the alchemists. We can do so much good into the world why not start today?

Why not becoming our true self? We are the beauty of the world. We are the inspiration of the world. We can create a world of peace and love when we are open to change our old patterns.

Being open to change our lives when we need to do it. Not feeling we are a failure when we have setbacks, instead, we could see it as a teaching moment. We are here to learn and evolve without those challenging times. Our spirit will not grow and mature.

We have to embrace who we truly are.