We are the light Part 2

Opening our minds to change our old patterns is the best way to become who we are meant to become. Nothing is ever as it seems; we might be feeling we are walking in a desert land or riding the waves of our lives.

Wherever we are right now in our path, we can honestly look at our outside condition. After making the assessment why not ask our own spirit “is this where we would like to stay”? Are we willing, if where we are is not right for us, to start to change the course of our lives?

It takes courage and confidence to acknowledge if where we are is not on the right path. Not everyone will admit it, instead they preferred hide than being afraid to face the reality they are in. Feeling the anger and resentment for people that are taking the steps to change their lives.

We need to remind ourselves we are the master of our own destiny. Even if we are not able to see changes right away, what we need to remind ourselves is to keep dreaming. By keeping our thoughts positive we are creating the flow that will open for us to ride into the sunset to our holy ground.

It might take a couple of weeks, even months or years but we are going to land there. Continuing to have faith in the life we are dreaming to obtain. Not willing to settle for something less than our own dreams. Being happy to know there is a better tomorrow.

Having lived a thousand lives, it is easier to understand how the magic of the universe works. We are not here to be the victim of our outer condition. We are here to learn love, peace but also experience pain and sorrow.

We are the beautiful spirit that will light up the night sky to pave the way for others.