Moment of reflection

Watching the pups rumbling in the house, running after each other while the weather is moving from hot and sticky to stormy can be debilitating. Those two pups are like the weather channel.

I do not need to turn on the radio or TV to know what kind of weather we are going to have. They are overly excited to the point they have become the MMA match of the year.

Watching them makes me smile they are restless, neither one of them wants to give up the power. Instead they are going to the “fight of their life” not willing to stop until one of them decide to go and have a drink.

Then for a moment peace has come upon the living room. Until one of them decides to entice the other and everything starts all over again. But for now, both of them are laying down their tongue out still breathing heavily until they finally go to sleep.

As a storm is coming closer and closer, we can now feel the energy in the house becoming less volatile. The pups are slowing down, and I can finally have a moment of true peace.

We are waiting for the rain to wash off everything so we can feel a brand-new energy. For now, peace has set in at our home and the pups are slowly falling asleep. I can take the time to finally ground myself.

It has been quite an adventure to be able to go for small walks because of the temp being so high. Watching them keeping themselves busy and playing around has been an interesting beginning of the year.

Looking back at the past months, we have experienced a lot globally. Reminding ourselves we are all in this together. We have to continue to be able to inspire each other.