Changing the course of our lives part 2

Becoming a trailblazer is breaking ground with our spirit, learning to go on our own path. Ready to climb mountains, to become who we truly are. Nothing is more powerful than someone walking into the unknown.

Ready to face our storms to conquer the impossible, pushing our own boundaries to become the rising stars. When we are learning to become our own spirit, we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities. We have so much more to offer when we are walking on our own path.

It teaches us, how strong we are, how beautiful our spirit is. Nothing is more important than becoming the trailblazers we are meant to be. Becoming the Indiana Jones of our own life, going into the adventure of a lifetime.

Learning to face our fears, becoming the beautiful light we are. Learning to live our lives to the fullest is to welcome our connection with the divine. Being whole again is learning to accept who we truly are. Not trying to get someone else’s approval.

Instead we must learn to stand on our own two feet, life is challenging enough we do not need to add more challenges into it.

Course correcting our lives is to do an authentic and honest assessment of our own life. While doing that inventory, we might want to ask the question: “Is this for my highest good?“

Often, we are willing to overlook it if we are not in the right relationship, or we have overgrown a job that is not fulfilling anymore. Being honest requires us to take a closer look at our lives with an honest view. It might be difficult but if we want to change the course of our life, we have to be able to see where we are.

It also helps us to finally free ourselves of what is not for our highest good. Instead we can start to plant seeds in our field of dreams.