Rising like stars

As the morning rises slowly, the pups are finally back to sleep. I can quietly write my blogs but also watch the sun rising, showing its’ majestic colors. From fire red to a beautiful soft pink. It is such a treat to take the time to watch nature waking up.

The frogs are going to quiet down very soon, as they have been singing all night long. It is time to see beautiful Mother Nature can change our landscape after a night of rain. The fresh smell of rain on the grass is magical.

Being in the present moment we can see our surroundings. We can see the magic of Mother Nature’s working. It is amazing to see how beautiful the world is when we are willing take the time to open our eyes.

Slowing down is helping us to be present in our lives. Learning to co-create with the universe. Being connected with each other, learning to not rush but instead walking at our own pace.

It is amazing to see what we can accomplish when we have faith in our spirit. Often, we get distracted by our outer condition. When you learn to quiet down you can finally hear your spirit.

Learning to listen to that beautiful inner voice. It helps us to walk on our own path, becoming the trailblazer we are. We are a student of life, learning our life’s lessons but also uncovering who we truly are.

The journey we are on can be course corrected at any given time. We are the master of our own destiny; our outer condition can be changed when we are willing to go into the unknown.

Ready to let go of our old patterns to finally let our spirit rise. We have so many hidden gifts, we should not waste our time in the illusional world of the ego. Instead we should be on our own journey to uncover how beautiful we are.