Finding the peace

In time of chaos we are faced with our own freewill. But how we react will lead us to changes in our outer condition. Life is full of challenges, how we express ourselves will lead all of us to a world of peace if we do not lose focus on grounding ourselves.

We do not need to turn someone else’s life upside down to try to make a point. We do not have to send negative energies into the world that will trigger more hatred. We need to have faith in the process.

Not assuming what we are reading, or hearing has to be taken at face value. Sometimes when we are making assumptions, we are going straight to a conclusion that might not be correct.

When we are patient and let all the facts come to the surface, what we assumed first would be different at the end. We need to be open even if it is difficult to hear the truth.

It might not be a straightforward path we are on. But to create the perfect storm, a succession of events has to take place.  The biggest issue is when we do not have a full understand of what has happened, we can only see a snapshot that makes us assume an altered reality.

It is wise, instead of going like a bull into a china shop, to step back and let the dust settle so we can get a better picture of the full situation.  Learning to be patient is always the best way to finally turn our emotions aside to be able to see the facts.

As difficult it may be to recognize maybe someone was only part of the perfect storm, it might not have been the first cause that created it. We always try to rationalize by blaming someone.

We have to learn to step back and remove our emotions so we will be able to see the truth.  For some, truth is not what they want to see or believe, but when our hearts are pure, and our eyes are wide open we are able to see the truth and react accordingly.