Finding peace in the world of chaos

“Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law.” – Buddha

Feeling the world turning upside down… chaos and destruction at our doorsteps can trigger panic and worries. Keeping faith and hope this nightmare will stop depends on all of us. We cannot let the ego world and destruction dictate our lives.

Panic and fears should not be our daily routine, we should be able to live in a world of peace. Often when anger and frustration come on to the surface, we are becoming blindsided by the urge to act up, to make our voices heard.

Is this always the best answer? No, we should refocus that destructive energy into positive action. Being heard in a constructive way to make the changes that are needed. We cannot work in a world of chaos but instead we can learn to convey our message in a most powerful way.

Living with anger and hate will not help us to find the peace we all need. Regardless of what drives us we cannot find a solution when we are divided. It is not us vs the world, it should be we are all in this together.

Helping and supporting each other, in our journey of a thousand lives we are going to be faced with the possibilities to do good. When opportunity of destruction knocks at our doors it is time to ask our spirit is this for our highest good?

Is burning down cars and businesses for our highest good? Destruction does not lead us to a world of peace it creates more division amongst us. How do we stop this? How can we move forward to find the right solutions?

We can start to communicate in a more constructive and peaceful way. We can still be angry, but by focusing our energy to open the channels of communication we are one step further into leading us to solutions.