Opening our heart

Our dreams are based on what our spirit is trying to tell us. Being part of the journey of a thousand is learning to grow and evolve. Becoming an open book for us to feel and be human. Learning to balance our lives with the chaos of the world.

It is not easy to live an authentic life; we can be distracted by the world of the ego. Wanting to chase after the illusional world that will not move us further into our quest. Instead we can spend our time minding our own business.

Expanding our field of dream by letting our imagination grow. Realizing by changing our patterns we can actually influence our outer condition. Becoming the magician in our own life by learning to co-create with the universe.

Like the orchestra conductor leading the musicians through the symphony, we are the driver in our own life, we are the trailblazers the movers and shakers that can reshape our outer condition. We can course correct our path at any given time.

We are the wonders of the world, the master painter ready to create our next experience. We are not alone in our journey; we are surrounded by the universe. Ready to help us when we are willing to let them in.

As the world is changing and evolving so are we. We cannot stop progress or changes. We have to learn to change our habits. Letting our spirit guide our lives we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities.

Being open to let our imagination free, embracing who we truly are. Going into the unknown to finally be free and explore what we could do next. Learning to becoming the better part of us. Empowering us by believing in our own lives.

Breaking the glass ceiling to finally rise like a star in the night sky.