Staying present in our lives

Dealing with pups is like a daytime soap, not two days are alike. You could wake up with two pups that are just picture perfect, well behaved or it could be a morning that all hell breaks loose.

The house becomes a ring, the couch an apparatus where Miss Dot can jump like a pro wrestler on Mac. The race started from the kitchen going through the dining room to finally ending up on the main rug in the living room.

Nothing will stand in their way when the race has begun. They are not carrying about the world of chaos we are living in. They are in the present moment chasing each other.

Arguing over a toy or making mischief with each other. We have so much more to learn from everyone but what the most essential part of who we are is being in the present.

Learning to co-create with the universe. Counting our blessings, being grateful for what we have. Not willing to settle for less, instead, focusing on our dreams. Letting our spirit guide us along in our journey.

We might feel frustrated because we feel we are being invisible. We have not had a chance to show what we can accomplish, nor can we feel we are worthy of anything.

Learning to believe in ourselves helps us to archive what we are meant to become. If we can dream it we can materialize it. We are the magician of our own life. We can learn to co-create with the universe.

Becoming the alchemist of our own life, we can create the next experience we would like to dream of. Nothing is impossible if we put our mind into it.

So why not start today? Why not dream big and bold, you never know when all of it will come true