A moment of wisdom

Learning to have the right intentions while keeping our mind focused can be challenging when you are a dreamer. We need to remind ourselves not to stray away from our own dreams.

Instead of picturing ourselves fighting the titans to achieve what we want, we need to create our path as smoothly as possible. If we are playing chaos in our mind so chaos shall it be in our own life.

Learning to let our spirit guide us, taking care of our own mind and body will help us to move further in our life. We are being challenged by our outer conditions every single day.

we might not feel ready for the changes that are coming toward us, but the universe knows best. We need to believe in ourselves, we need to be open to changing our patterns to archive our own dreams.

Nothing is impossible when we are willing to navigate into the river that is our life. Facing our own challenges with an open mind, asking the support of the universe to ease our journey.

Doing the work that is required for us to archive what seems impossible. I have lived a life of a thousand, walking into the unknown. Not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What kept me going was my belief in my spirit, letting my imagination planting the seeds in my field of dreams. I nurtured my dreams even when darkness came upon me. I became the master gardener that watched over my own garden. I nurtured it until the seeds become the beautiful flowers, it took time and patience but at the end it paid off.

Reminding myself from time to time that everything happens for a reason. Having faith in the universe to always prevail. Following the guidance of my spirit to finally become who I am meant to be.