Living our lives

It is not easy to be cheerful every day when our outer condition is challenging. Choosing the right words, keeping our temper even. Not losing our minds over small details while being in lockdown. Hoping to go on vacation while we are still in times of uncertainty.

Being faced by a new norm we have to be open to ride the flow we are in. Even if it seems like more challenging at times when things are not going the way they should.  We can get wrapped up into a feeling of being trapped.

It might take some grounding on our part to finally get out of the rabbit hole we are in. The universe has a plan for us, we might feel like we are going backward when in fact we are moving forward. It takes time for us to shift unto the right path.

Keeping the faith that there is a reason for everything, even if we do not see it. Keep moving forward even if we feel like we went to run back and hide again. Our life is a life of a thousand and we need to be able to cope with all of the changes we are experiencing.

Being grateful for what we have, keeping an open heart to continue to receive the bounty the universe has for us. We need to remind ourselves this is not a sprint but a marathon, and time will challenge us when we are expecting to receive everything right away.

Letting our imagination guide us in our journey of a thousand lives. Willing to be open to course correct our path when needed. Having faith in our spirit to guide us to safety, being open to grow and become the rising star we were intended to become.

Learning to inspire others by living our lives to the fullest.