Keeping the faith

Setting our intentions to create our next experience, requires us to focus on what we would like to do next. From a new job to a mate, we can learn to co-create with the universe. Finding the inspiration through different avenues from listening to music, watching an inspiring movie or walking outside.

We can all learn to do that, keeping the faith and beliefs we are deserving it. When we are opening our minds and connect with the universe, we can witness miracles in our lives. From help to finding a new job, having the right connections or should I say perfect synchronicity to be at the right place at the right time.

Understanding we are not alone in our journey. We have an entire armada ready to help us if we are willing to let them in. Having faith that everything will be alright even if our outer condition is different.

I have spent my time in a journey that was paved with obstacles. Not being able to settle in the life that was supposed to be mine. Instead I have taken detours that made me learn more about who my spirit is.

I still have been lingering for the day I would finally settle into a life I wanted. But my journey was far from over. As I continued to walk on my path, I have a better understanding on how my life has shifted. It is a journey of a thousand lives, but it is still a life of determination and strength.

Going through the challenging times, even as of today, I have learned to let my anger be transmuted to the energies that push me to the next level. Not willing to give up on my dreams, I had to learn to be patient.

Letting the universe helping me on my path and continuing to believe in my spirit while keeping the connection with the universe strong.