To my beautiful Caramelle Pepette

I wrote a blog called “how do heal after a loss”. I wrote it after I lost my beautiful Malou, it was a healing moment to open our heart and let the universe connect with us. After losing my little boy, I was not ready to be faced again by the difficult choices to let my beautiful Miss Pepettes cross over.

But it is not our choice, like everyone one walking the earth, from humans to animals our time is precious. We cannot change the time we are here, but we are learning to make the most of it. As I am thinking of being faced with another loss, Miss Pepette, going through the process again is painful but also beautiful.

Knowing that our loved ones can cross over with the help of the universe to home, waiting for us to join them when our time comes. It is not a sad blog but opening our heart to feel the love. Celebrating the life of our loved ones.

Love will heal our heart but when we are learning to connect with one another it can be difficult when we have to say goodbye. By going through the process of healing after a loss we are learning what love is.

Understanding this is not the end but the beginning of connecting the dots on the different realms we are living in. Opening our heart, we can see the magic of the world in our life. It is the bridge to learn about the universe and how we connect.

When we are going through the loss of our loved ones, we need to keep our heart open. Going through the pain and denial but also understanding that our life on earth is not eternal, what is eternal is our spirit.

Today I am celebrating the life of my beautiful little girl Miss Caramelle Pepette, I am blessed to have been part of her life. I am keeping the memory of this beautiful little Goddess in my heart.