Becoming the light part 2

Letting the fire burn strongly in our hearts triggers the changes in our lives we need. We can overcome the storms of our lives. We are feeling elated, unstoppable on our own path.

When the universe is supporting us, we are walking on a cloud. We are becoming invincible, like my pups running like mad cows in the house. Nothing can stop them from chasing after each other.

We are more than the world is expecting of us. We are the powerful being that can change the path we are on. We are free to create our wildest dreams. We are not bound by anything if we are willing to tap into the infinite possibilities the world has to offer.

Often, we are restricting ourselves to become the shiny bright light we are. Afraid to show our true colors, worrying about what others would see. If we are living a life depending on others, we are not going to be fulfilled In our life.

Instead we are becoming the shadow of our own self, letting our life pass by. Filling our hearts with resentment and anger us making us lose the beauty in our lives. Being stuck somewhere that wasn’t part of our field of dreams brings on the anger and frustration that crushes any joy and happiness we should experience in our life.

We have so much more to offer when we are in the driver’s seat of our own destiny. We are able to create a world that is filled with positivity. We are not the observer in our own life. We are the active players that will decide what we would like to do next.

We have so much potential in us, so do not be distracted by the ego world. Instead we should walk into uncharted territory ready to create our own paradise.

Becoming our own master requires us to be a student of life. Having the faith that our journey is a life of a thousand and we can always course correct our path.