Taking a leap of faith

Being inspired requires us to open our heart and let our spirit be free. Our imagination is the first tool that helps us to materialize our dreams. The second step is to claim it by stepping up to the plate and finally walking into the unknown.

We cannot change the course of our lives if we do not change our own patterns. Nothing will ever change if we are not taking a full inventory of our lives and decide what is best for us. It takes courage to be honest with our own self.

But when you are ready to live a life that is rightfully yours, feeling the energy of the universe guiding you along the way. It is empowering to realized that you are not alone but also you are becoming the magician that is transforming your life.

We do not need to be born in wealth to succeed. It might help a little, but it doesn’t mean you are going to have an easy road either. When you are walking on the path of self-discovery you are peeling the layers your spirit has.

Coming full circle when you are willing to test your own boundaries by changing the way you are living. Embracing each side of your spirit, being open to face your storms and life lessons. Embodying your true self to finally be the essence of your own life.

As a student of life, we are on the path of unearthing the wonders of the world. We are here to experience life but also coming to the realization we are all connected. We can influence others by living an authentic life.

Reaching our holy ground is part of our journey, the destination is important but what is more impacting is the journey to reach it. The doors are wide open when we are willing to take a leap of faith for a better life.