Changing our lives changing our patterns

Like the phoenix, we can rise from our own life lessons. We are all perfect in our own way, not having to prove to anyone who we are. But learning to live our life one day at a time. We are in a world that is changing rapidly, learning to adopt to a new world is challenging enough.

We do not need to add another layer of complexity on our path. Instead we should learn to shake off what is not for our highest good. Freeing ourselves of the burden that is weighing on our shoulders. Learning to become a kid again.

When you are taking the time to step back in your life and let your imagination free, we are opening the doors to the creative side of us. This action will lead us to a better life regardless of the outer conditions we are currently in.

I have seen miracles happening in the midst of being in desert land. Keeping the faith and beliefs for a better tomorrow. Learning to be present in our lives. Not giving up at the first sight of the storm that will be rocking our boat.

When you are willing to change your path, you are opening the doors to infinite possibilities. Having the beauty and wonders of the world at our fingertips. Letting our life be fulfilled with the dreams that are starting to materialize. Nothing is impossible when you are co-creating with the universe.

Facing the world head on, opening to change the course of life by going into the unknown. When we are becoming the trailblazers, we are becoming the shakers and movers. We should inspire others to do the same, not willing to compromise for something that is not for our highest good.

We can create a new experience when we are open to welcoming the universe to help us on our path.