Becoming our own self

Dreaming of a better life is what drives us to make the changes in our lives necessary to improve our outer condition. Not willing to stay somewhere that is not for our highest good.

When we are leaving a life that is ours, we are starting to transform ourselves to become our own spirit. Letting the fire in us burn strongly to guide us on our path. Learning to connect with the universe we are opening the doors of infinite possibilities.

Our road might be chaotic, but we need to keep faith that the universe will support us along our journey. Learning to live a life of a thousand by becoming the rising stars we are.

Not willing to compromise for a life that is not ours. Instead we need to keep our inspiration going. Our journey is a long road that leads us to our holy ground. Learning to know our spirit. Opening the world of creativity via our spirit. Letting our inner child play and reconnect with the essence of life.

Losing ourselves in the creative side of us. Listening to the whispers of our spirit. Having faith in a better tomorrow, not willing to stay under the ego world’s glass ceiling.

By breaking the glass ceiling, we are freeing ourselves of the chains that are grounding us in a world that is not for our highest good. Learning to rise like the phoenix, we are becoming the magician that has been waiting to become alive.

It is easier to live our lives through someone’s, but it doesn’t help us to walk to our holy ground. We are becoming the observer in our own life if we are letting people dictate ours. We have the free will to walk on any path we want, but to reach our holy ground we need to listen to our spirit by opening our heart and let it be free.

We can create so much more when we are willing to become who we truly are.