Embracing who we are

Being a leader is taking the time to support and empower others. It is having an open mind, not thinking you are the center of the world. Instead putting yourself to the service of others when they need to have their path cleared of obstacles.

In our daily lives we are in a position to be a leader, by living our lives to the fullest. Leaning on the universe to help us clear our path when needed. Listening to our spirit, being guided on our path that will lead us to our holy ground.

In this world, which is full of distractions, we can lose ourselves along the way. We can spend our time in the ego world hoping to archive what we want quickly. We might not have an easy path, but we can archive our best when we are focusing our what our heart desires. Nothing is more powerful than being authentic, living our lives grounded.

When we are surrounded by temptations all around us an easy road can be tempting. It doesn’t mean it will lead us for a better outcome. Instead we should be focused on taking care of our own business. Like the master gardener, planting the seeds in a field of dreams.

Leadership is like the master gardener; we have to nurture it. We do not have to run it like a warden would run a prison. Spending our time bringing fear into others. It is not how you are going to be successful.

Instead when you are empowering others to become the better part of them, you are tapping into the creativity of the world. You are inspiring others to go into uncharted territory, letting them discover who they truly are.

Why not embrace your spirit and let your ego sleep? Understanding we can archive our goals when we are willing to shine the light of inspiration.