Moving in our journey

Moving towards spiritual growth and enlightenment is walking into uncharted territory. It is pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. It’s not being in control of our outer condition.

Not living in a dream but actually living our dreams by walking into the unknown. Being absorb in our own drama does not fulfilled our lives. Instead we are wasting it trying to make sense of everything that is not essential.

When you learn to grown yourself, you are becoming the better part of you. Nothing is impossible when you put your mind into it. Staying on track requires us to stay focus on our dreams.

Not willing to bargain our deepest inspiration for an illusional temptation from the ego world.   Regardless of how exciting it can be it doesn’t mean it is for your highest good.

With life lesson’s ready to be overcome, we have to become wise during our journey to know when it is for our highest good and when to step back. Everything will become clearer when we are on our path.

As we are growing and maturing, we are becoming aware of what we would like to accomplish. Nothing is impossible if we put our mind into it. We have to learn to embrace our spirit.

As we are moving in our lives, we are uncovering who we truly are. Minding our own business helps us to stay on our track. Not being influenced by the ego world, learning to stay focused on our spirit.

As the temptations of the world are all around us we have to make the distinction by listening to our spirit. By being connected with the universe we are in the winner seats.

With perfect synchronicity by our side the road ahead of us is wide open. Having recognized the power of the universe in our lives, we have eased our journey. The sky becomes the limit.