Walking on our own path

Being grateful for what we have in our lives. Learning to be patient when we are co-creating is challenging enough. When we are in the midst of course correcting our journey, it can be unnerving to not be able to see anything shaping up the way we would like.

Like the old saying “patience is a virtue” we need, like a master gardener learn to cultivate it our own dreams. When we are understanding we can change our lives for the better we are becoming the master painter; we can finally start to create a life we always wanted.

As we are moving into the unknown while our creation is in the hands of the universe. We have to take some time to play. From cleaning up our own personal circle of life to enjoying a walk with friends. We can find ways to relax at home or outside.

We can even relax somewhat by making a chore more playful with the kids or focusing on centering ourselves. We have a wide variety of activities at our disposal. Nothing can stay as is in our lives so why not start to explore?

We could also work on projects that have been waiting for a longtime to be done. It is a great feeling when we are able to finish a project. When we are working on course correcting our path, it is like doing a project. We need to be able to not only go into the unknown but also welcoming what is coming our way.

Sometimes we can take a path that doesn’t seem like a great choice but as you walk forward you are starting to realize it was the right choice. The experience, the people you are meeting are exactly who you needed. You are starting to enjoy your life.

Realizing how grateful and blessed you are. In our journey of thousands many roads will look dull or uninteresting when in fact they are the most exciting ones. Keep your mind open when entering those paths. You could be amazed at how beautiful they are.