Taking care of us

Becoming a trailblazer requires us to open our mind. Seeing what we cannot actually see. Welcoming our inner child in our lives and start to create a world that will become our own playground.

Not worrying of what others might think about us or not willing to compromise for a life that is not a reflection of who we truly are. We can fight battles to show who we truly are, or we can just live our lives to the fullest.

There is a time of reflection, a time to play, a time to be happy and a time to be bold. As co-creators we can take all those times and mix them up as we are creating our next experience.

Becoming an alchemist, we are rising like the phoenix but also becoming a risk taker. Willing to challenge our own faith and beliefs to break the glass ceiling the ego world has placed above us.

Are you willing to take a leap of faith for yourself? It is a huge commitment to be able to step into the unknown for the right reasons. Nothing is impossible when we are focused on the outcome.

Letting the universe work its magic while we are facing the unknown. It can be debilitating and unnerving when you realize you are not in control of your outer condition.

Instead of fighting like Don Quixote the windmills keep yourself grounded and taking one step at the time. We are in a position to create a new experience that will lead us to a better life.

Not taking any prisoners along the way but ready to embrace our spirit. willing to laugh at adversity will overcoming our deepest fears. Walking away from a life that is not ours.

Instead embrace who you are and surrender the rest to the universe. You will always be taking care off.