Becoming the light

Defining who we are happens when we are on our journey of a lifetime. As we are growing and changing so are our own self. When we are on our own path of self-discovery, we are transforming ourselves. Reassessing where we are and what we would like to become.

Learning to let go and forgive is essential for us. We cannot move on to the next level if we have not released our past. We cannot expect our lives to ease if we are not willing to heal. Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness. It helps us to become who we are meant to be.

We have enough with our life lessons we do not need to add more pain and sorrow in our lives by refusing to let it go. Living your lives in anger and hate will not help your spirit to shine. Instead you are dimming the light that is in you.

Living a life of resentment keeps you where you are. Looking at your past not living in the present moment. We all have, from time to time, regressed living in memory land. Not willing to face whatever is in front of us does not help us to overcome our obstacles.

When you are ready to make the right changes in your life, it is when you are finally making peace with your own self. Learning to become who you are, not willing to compromise what your heart desires. Instead, like the master gardener, gently planting the seed of dreams. You are learning to nurture your own self.

Taking the time to heal and rest when needed. Making time to center yourself by doing activities that will help you to ground yourself. Nothing is more important than become whole again, we cannot help our loved ones if we are not taking care of ourselves.