Facing time of uncertainty

Finding the time to stay centered while the world is upside down is teaching us how bizarre life has become. It is easy to think the world is coming to an end when we are in the middle of the raging river. Worrying about tomorrow, not sure if the life we knew will ever be the same.

Learning to adapt to the new norms is challenging enough when our lives are already upside down. It is a time to step back and be able to see the path that is in the front of us. We can try to deny those changes, but they are there, and they continue to evolve, the changes are not going to stop.

Instead we have to adjust and learn to adapt. Keeping faith deep in our hearts that everything will be alright. Believing in our own path, giving all are worries over to the universe. Starting to uncover who we truly are by going into the unknown.

Leaving behind everything we knew and being open to welcome those changes. As we are evolving, we are here to do not repeat our past actions. Instead we are here to learn new patterns, changing and transforming our lives.

As the trailblazers we are now happy to go into uncharted territory. Embracing each step, we are making, reminding ourselves to not worry about tomorrow. Shifting our outer condition by creating in the present. Refusing to let our fears dictate our own life, learning to heal the wounds.

Letting go of our anger sets us free.  Lifting the heavy weight that is on our shoulders and realizing we are not carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. When you are partnering with the universe you are learning to connect with them.

Asking for help while facing our storms is part of co-creating. We are not alone in our path.