Uncovering who we are

I love to watch my pups in the morning, from Dottie who is always imitating Mac. It is funny to watch them interacting. They can have their own moment when they are at each other. Trying to take the same toy that will turn into become an argument in their own rights.

At the end it is great to watch how connected they are. They would not be as active if they have been split. Life can bring people closer together than ever.  In these times of uncertainty, we never know who will come into our lives.

Lighting up our days, giving us the love and happiness, we so deserve. When you are open to let your own imagination guiding your life. You are letting the magic of the universe in your life.

Nothing is impossible if we are ready to co-create. When we are becoming the master of our own destiny, we are letting perfect synchronicity into our lives.  Becoming the trailblazers, the innovators, the shakers, and movers.

We are starting to let our own path become the journey of a lifetime. We are walking on a new pathway. Becoming our own heroes by redefining who we are.

In time of changes and uncertainty we are breaking grounds to become the rising stars. Like the phoenix redefining who we are and learning to course correct our journey.

Experiencing new outcomes, shifting our outer conditions. Redirecting our lives by moving to a new space that will allow our spirit to shine. Not willing to be in the ego world does not make us strange.

It actually makes us who we are, the ego world doesn’t allow us to be who we truly are.  Becoming our own spirit is a journey of transformation. We are learning to be our own self. Uncovering the wonders of the world, learning more about who we are.