Having faith in the world

Having faith in the universe is challenging enough. But when life takes unexpected turns it is when we are feeling truly challenged. This is when our faith and beliefs are being shaken. Feeling we are fighting against the world just to take another step.

We live a life of a thousand learning to juggle everything in our lives. We do not have an easy road when we are learning our life’s lessons. But we can continue to rise like the phoenix.

As we are learning to let go of the old and embrace what is coming new in our lives this is now the time of transformation when we are learning to become our own spirit.

Having to face those changes we are learning to impact our outer condition. We are the beacon that will light our path. We do not need to become the best at everything we just have to open our heart and let the student in us be free.

As a student of life, we have the opportunity to learn more about who we truly are. We are going into our next experience messy; we do not need to be prefect. Instead we should just open our mind and go with the flow.

Having to face storms, we are learning to be authentic and honest with our own self. We do not need to pretend to be someone we are not, learning to be true to ourselves is the most empowering act one could ever do for one’s self.

We do not need to wear masks but instead learn to ground ourselves and start to create a better future today. Not feeling the need to compete against anyone, instead, by becoming the trailblazer we are learning to follow our own dreams. Becoming the better part of us.