Becoming the better part of us

Having a supporting system in our lives helps us to overcome the hurdles we are facing. Creating our own circle of light opens our hearts and lets our spirit connect. We do not have to become perfect in our lives to be loved and appreciated.

As a student of life, we have the opportunity to create our own experiences. We do not have to stay in an environment that is not for our highest good. We have the opportunity to become who we truly are.

Our own spirit is waiting for us to open our heart, ready to unleash the power that is dormant in us. Like Sleeping Beauty waking up from a long sleep, we can become the most powerful magicians.

Learning to become our own spirit requires us to learn our life lessons. Having faith in our own capabilities. Often people do not realize how many gifts they have. How beautiful they are, how creative they are.

Spending our time in the ego world we are finding ourselves doing the same things over and over. We are losing sight of the fact we are more than the eyes can see. We are becoming part of the robot world, letting the ego dictate our lives.

By becoming a trailblazer, we are changing the course of our lives. We are freeing ourselves from the ego world. We are learning to becoming our own spirit. We are letting our spirit guide us to our holy ground.

In our journey we have the opportunity to course correct our path. No path is prohibited when you are opening your spirit. Listening to your inner voice guiding you every step of the way.

Staying in touch with our spirit requires us to be disciplined. It is not a sprint but a marathon. We have to embrace each side of our own spirit. Like a raw diamond being transform to the finest stone we have so much more facets to discover.

Living a life of a thousand is to be willing to become our own spirit.